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Monday, Nov 10, 2014                            

Dear Conservative Friend,

Thank you for your generous contribution to our campaign in Cook County; not just financially, but I am talking about your MORAL SUPPORT.

Once again it is extremely painfully obvious that the Daley Organized Crime Family *stole* the votes.  The gov’t/media mafia complex reports that we received about 32% of the vote to career thief John Daley’s 68%. (Yes, we do realize that the other side PRETENDS to consider language such as I write here, angry and “sour grapes”…cry-baby, etc.  I realize, that you deserve the truth! But I digress for now.)

By all signs, our nation is facing much more serious damage from Obama and the democrats, despite the recent national Republican victories. We must stick together and stand tough.  We swim or sink together.  Would you even consider surrendering?

On a positive note, I share with you this:  As we campaign through the years, it is such a great breath of fresh air to meet so many like-minded people: CONSERVATIVE AMERICAN CITIZENS.  There is no doubt whatsoever that *we are the majority*.  We meet people; we greet people; they invite us into their homes; we share similar problems; we share same deep profound religious and moral beliefs, and we share American patriotism.

Personally I am more encouraged to fight on.  Many people thank me for running to represent what they WANT AND DESERVE FOR THEIR (GRAND)CHILDREN.  I accept the thanks but always remind them that I am only one person; just a politician; just a candidate; WE are all in this TOGETHER.

I am so thankful from my heart, soul and mind for your support.  On this approaching Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for my health, friends and family.  I am thankful to God for all his blessings despite all the mistakes I continue to make.

In a special way, I am most thankful to you and your family for your support of our fight, our causes,  our  political fight against liberalism, and for conservatism.  I pray to God you have a peaceful Thanksgiving.  Thanks again for your financial and moral support.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Carl Segvich  -  Republican Committeeman, Chicago

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John P. Daley is at the very center of a long ongoing cowardly Political MAFIA that is destroying the constitution of our United States of America but as Mark Twain said “It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

Dear Americans, as we lose OUR COUNTRY, I am obliged to inform you that it is the Chicago Political Daley Crime Family ("Useful idiots" as Lenin and Stalin predicted) that has INFLICTED OBAMA on our once great nation.

“Obama’s ideology may come from Saul Alinsky’s acolytes, but his political tactics come straight from the Daley playbook." -John Fund is an American political journalist, and a member  of the Wall Street  Journal's editorial  board. He is currently the  national -affairs columnist for National Review Online and a senior editor  at  The American  Spectator. He is author of  "Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy"

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Carl Segvich – Committeeman
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Dear Conservative Democrats of Illinois,

Obama and few others, including David Axelrod and the Chicago Daley family have hijacked the Democrat Party, and are destroying our nation. Christian American traditional values are under extreme attack by our government (eg., I.R.S) by Democrats each day. It is time to abandon the Democrat Party and JOIN your new Republican Party.

Patriotically yours,
Carl Segvich
Republican Committeeman, Chicago - 11th Ward.

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Open Letter to Citizens of Chicago and Cook County

Hello, my name is Carl Segvich. In our dumbed-down culture today, we are told to not discuss religion and politics (unless we are promoting modern-radical-liberalism, eg., social justice, free condoms, etc.) To win this American Culture (political) War, there are only two subjects we conservatives should be talking about. We must discuss politics and religion with our family, friends, neighbors and enemies, every chance we get!

Our 3rd. President, Thomas Jefferson said: All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. Now consider today where Christianity, virtually the only moral opposition to tyranny, is continuously being attacked by the left, ie., the democrats, liberals, Hollywood, academia and especially the media. Worse yet, we can not only blame our political/cultural enemies who champion secularism and communism, because we Christians in general, and Catholics specifically, have shrunk from our responsibility. Today, we are a staggeringly deranged society, as people who call themselves "Catholics", finance David Axelrod and Obama to destroy the Catholic Church.    

So not only are we silent as Jefferson warned us not to be, we are actually committing national suicide; we are working for, and funding the anti-Christian and anti-American Progressive Agenda. Again, Catholics are paying to destroy the Catholic Church! Stunning! Even when we couch our statements, and we say stupid things such as "Well, to be politically correct, I must say it this way...." , we do not realize that we are really saying "Well, to be a coward, I must say it this way...". We don't realize that the definition of "Politically Correct" is "to be a coward!" Here in the United States of America, where our forefathers died so that we can speak, we do not speak unless we are promoting modern-radical-liberalism, eg., social justice, free condoms, etc.

Will you join me and other Christian American conservatives here in Chicago's 11th Ward, to save our United States of America?

Carl Segvich
11th Ward Republican Committeeman

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