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Carl A. Segvich

Republican Committeeman, 11th Ward


3110 S. Wells Street, Chicago, IL 60616


      Hello, my name is Carl Segvich; I am your republican primary candidate for Cook County Board District 11. I stand with all residents of Cook County who demand more accountability from our local government. We are sick and tired of our taxes being raised continually to pay for destructive public policies.

 Our Cook County budget is deeply in the red, with the highest sales tax in America. In 2015, Cook County politicians voted to raise the Cook County sales tax to 10.25 percent.

Chicago also has the nerve to operate red light cameras, speed cameras and to levy taxes on plastic grocery bags and bottled water in a desperate attempt to increase revenue. Our citizens are being taxed to death.

Local governments have also weaponized so-called sanctuary policies to protect illegal aliens. This means that our schools are overcrowded, we have higher crime rates, and our jobs are being taken by people here unlawfully. These costly policies are destroying our local economy.

 Many residents are leaving Illinois rather than pay excessive taxes. This is a vicious cycle of big government driving out tax payers and the jobs their families depend upon. The result is that we have fewer remaining taxpayers in Cook County, and those who remain get an even bigger tax bill. The public sector is cannibalizing the private sector.

 In order to make Cook County government more accountable to our residents, we need to enact fiscal policies which reduce government expenditures and lower our taxes. We also need to reduce regulations to provide incentives to corporations that want to open for business. Sanctuary policies for illegal aliens must be ended, because they mean lost jobs, more crime, and higher taxes for every tax payer.

 Our families, friends and neighbors are going bankrupt paying higher taxes, and many are leaving Illinois altogether. We are losing our jobs, our property and our homeland. We need a candidate with the credentials to take on Democrat incumbent John Daley this November! I am the only candidate with the strength to take on the weak Republicans and the liberal Democrats on the Cook County Board. I will be your voice for positive change.
Please vote for me, Carl Segvich, in the March Republican Primary!

Ives for Illinois/Segvich for Cook County

11th Ward Republican Party
Endorses Jeanne Ives

We the CONSERVATIVE Republicans of the 11th Ward congratulate CONSERVATIVE Jeanne Ives for her courageous decision to run for Governor of Illinois.  She has our unequivocal endorsement for this important position.  Her integrity and character are unquestioned.  Illinois needs serious CONSERVATIVE leadership to save us from the brink of disaster.  Jeanne Ives brings a breath of fresh air to the race for governor. 

Whereas Jeanne Ives has been the most vocal spokesperson for OUR CONSERVATIVE values in Springfield government and politics,

Whereas liberal Bruce Rauner and his liberal wife who worked for Obama has proved our 11th Ward correct in our warning 4 years ago, namely that Rauner is indeed a Democrat and friends with Rahm Emanuel,

Whereas Ives has led the conservative fight in Illinois to stop illegal immigration, and stem the political tide of corruption from Cook County poisoning all Illinois,

Whereas Rauner has coddled the Muslim voice by welcoming them to a seat at the table in Springfield, simultaneously oppressing all conservative Christians by forcing us Christians to violate our religious beliefs or leaving our roles in politics and in our own government,

Whereas Rauner is an unmitigated political cancer metastasizing Illinois to an undeniable political miasma, evidenced by his designating our state of Illinois as a liberal "sanctuary state" for illegal aliens,

Whereas  it is painfully obvious that  Rauner is  a double-agent even before he appointed Democrat Bill Daley, brother of former mayor Rich Daley, to his transition team (that is the political organized crime FAMILY),

Whereas Jeanne Ives' FAMILY is a patriotic American military family (husband & 5 children) , and she herself is a West Point Graduate,

We the Republicans of the 11th Ward of Chicago, IL, proudly endorse Jeanne Ives to be our conservative standard-bearer and Governor of Illinois.

At a time in Illinois' history when an incumbent "Republican" governor is behaving like a raving socialist Democrat, and is indeed working for the Liberals, the voters of our state deserve an opportunity to elect a candidate who will truly live up to family values and fiscal responsibility.  Jeanne Ives is that candidate.  We urge every Republican primary voter, and former conservative democrats to support her in the upcoming primary election on March 20, 2018. 

Our United States of America is in a Civil Cultural (POLITICAL) War, in which the Liberals have been defeating us Conservatives for 30 years, in battle after battle. They, the Liberals are about to silence our Traditional Christian American voice! Rauner and his wife are committed, morally-bankrupt Liberals. JEANNE IVES is a committed Christian American.

11th Ward Republican Party
Carl Segvich, Committeeman
(Candidate for Cook County Commissioner to defeat John Daley, 11th District)

James Komaniecki
Secretary, Chief of Staff

                  Chicago's  FAKE NEWS

It is NOT Madigan ; it is an INSIDE job by unknown TRAITORS Schneider & Morrison, et al.

1) For 55 years I've lived with and STUDIED the biggest political MAFIA members who have destroyed Chicago (Illinois) AMERICA --  The Daley brothers, who also inflicted Obama on our U.S.A.
2)  For the past nine years I have been a POLITICIAN and a publicly elected Republican Party official in Cook County.   I can tell you the bomb shell news that media will not tell, and the masses (good Americans) do not know! The Republican Party establishment run by my colleagues, people such as Tim Schneider and Sean Morrison is a CRIMINAL  anti-American FRAUD. We are a criminal enterprise! They are double agents working for, and answering to, Mike Madigan and other Democrats such as  JOHN DALEY.  They do it for the money and power.
 For the past 50 to 60 years, this is the result of an INSIDE JOB.

They do not want to necessarily sell out America but that is exactly what they do in exchange for enriching themselves with money and influence.

Mike Madigan does what we all know Democrats do -- liberally abuse public trust.  BUT the people don't know the REAL ENEMY is in our bed -- Tim and Sean are running interference for the Madigan/JOHN DALEY Democrat political mafia by not running any serious candidates for all OUR HIGH OFFICES including Cook County Board President, Illinois Attorney General, Secretary of State, etc. It is sabotage. It is infiltration. Democrats have planted shills as "republicans" for 50 years! It is an inside job.

Anti-American anti-Christian "fake news" media will never OF COURSE report lack of push-back by FAKE REPUBLICAN ANTI-AMERICANS SCHNEIDER AND MORRISON who are simply two more 2-bit political pimp money whores.  Daley, Madigan and the democrat party media continue to laugh at the millions of us real Republicans who have NO REPRESENTATION.

" It is easier to fool all the people all the time than to convince them that they've all been fooled "

 - The Democrat Party Establishment is run by Democrats.
 - The Republican Party Establishment is run by Democrats.


" 'It' is 'all' a lie. " I said it from the beginning --- Bruce is "in on it".

Rauner is a liberal democrat, married to a democrat who worked for Obama. Bruce made it so that pal Rahm Emanuel made $17 million in 2004 as something Rahm had no qualification, an investment banker.

"Rahm had no experience as an investment banker yet earned a $16.2 million paycheck in less than two years at Wasserstein Perella."

INFILTRATION is a nefarious strategy employed by cunning folks. Democrats employ it; Republicans don't. It works so well that now the Illinois Democrat Party Establishment owns and runs the Republican Party Establishment. Millions of good Christian conservative patriotic American Republicans don't know that there is NO OPPOSITION to the liberals.

The chairmen of the Illinois Republican Party and the Cook County Republican Party, Tim Schneider and Sean Morrison respectively, are also double-agents, planted by the Chicago democrat mob.

When I asked Tim to help me in our campaign against democrat Commissioner John Daley, Tim stuttered, turned white and replied "I gotta work with John".

Morrison always voted Democrat up to and including in 2008 before he was recruited to be a treasonous double-agent from the more conservative south side area of Palos for the democrats.

Schneider and Morrison are both "Republican" Party committeemen, Cook County Commissioners, and take their marching orders from democrat John Daley. Morrison replaced double-agent Liz Gorman who also cunningly served as Commissioner, (Orland) Committeeman and county chair.

Rauner is pro-sodomite marriage, pro-abortion, pro-Muslim and pro-Obama.


Carl Segvich

Carl Segvich,  11th Ward Republican Committeeman

We must FIGHT for the RIGHT Republican !

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